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Introducing CertifyMe – the search engine for e-learning!

Tired of crawling several sites and platforms in order to get exactly the same course for which you are looking for?We feel,...

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Tired of crawling several sites and platforms in order to get exactly the same course for which you are looking for?
We feel, fingers must be juggling with each other for some rest and alas, they couldn’t get so.
To those little fingers, let that juggle stop and rest while CertifyMe serves you on the table.

Before we serve you, let’s get closure!

Roll on to certifyme.app, grasp an idea of it.
and Read below the questions along with their answers that would be jumping in your head and on your tongue.

What is certifyme.app?

A well-compiled platform developed for our tenderfoots to crawl on so smoothly that each one shall get what they were searching for a prolonged time. The developers of CertifyMe have poured in every smoothening that would be needed to serve on the table.

How it came into existence?

Think of the time when you were looking for a course on a particular topic but couldn’t find it out. So, the same happened to the developers behind this platform and then we thought to put in each penny that it would take to help others and not face the same issue.

After all this & pandemic, the solution came up as CertifyMe and with it came the benefits to everyone looking forward to a stop to get served with the best of content.
Do you want to know the how-about of it?

Let’s get on those quick highlights…

  • A google-like search engine for every learner as per the demand.
  • The “go-to” platform for blogs, boot camps, podcasts and everything that you definitely missed out (but now will not miss it).
  • A subtle source of learning in the best way possible.

This covers the crisp layer of CertifyMe. By this super crisp highlights you must be eager to know our collaborations. So without further exaggeration, let’s dive into our top-notch educators collaborating with us to serve you. The list of collaborators starts with:

We’re proud to partner with –

  • Datacamp
  • Dataquest
  • edX
  • Coursera
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Udacity
  • Edureka….
  • Ops! We won’t disclose each name Shhh! Let that be a magic pop-up on the table.

Wanna know what more our bag consists of?
Look more into it and we shall disclose each step of ours from selecting ingredients for the dish and continue till it gets served to you!

Are these just courses? right?
Then where do you get hands-on?
The answer is obvious Projects, Podcasts, Bootcamps and what not!

“YOU think of it and WE will have it”

Aren’t you much anxious in knowing more?
Then hold the ticks of the clock and Read-on!
To keep the show on, Can you contribute to our development?
What are you waiting for then? Head over to the platform and enrich us with your presence. Not to forget feedback from you!

Until now, you must have come up with a picture of this development and obviously, you would also want to know the humans behind this?
Then the wait is over.
Just a few words and we are in front of you!

One student (college-based) was looking for a course as per her choice, she couldn’t consolidate one platform..called on her friend and the chain started to form and the development began. Soon, the chain came to break on a person who framed the ideation in such a way that it paved a path to CertifyMe.

We are a small team working hard enough to smooth your road of career and dreams!


Kartikay Sharma (CEO) – linkedin.com/in/skartikay


Nirbhik Jangid – twitter.com/NirbhikJangid

Be a part of certifyme and help us broaden our horizon for your view!

We are waiting for you!

Head over to – certifyme.app 😊

Upcoming features and improvements:

  • Mobile responsive results
  • Course review and ratings
  • Analytics dashboard