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Updates from Datacamp, AWS, Udacity and many more DataCamp In our course Data Science for Everyone, you can get an introduction to...

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Updates from Datacamp, AWS, Udacity and many more

  • DataCamp
  1. In our course Data Science for Everyone, you can get an introduction to data science with no coding involved. Visit Course | Tweet
  2. Join hugobowne from CoiledHQ and learn how to scale your data science and machine learning work to larger datasets and larger models, using the Python tools and APIs you love. Read More
  3. For a limited time, you can take advantage of our biggest sale of the year! Your career will thank you. DataCamp is giving 75% off on annual subscription. Claim discount
  • freeCodeCamp
  1. Python and SQL are two of the most important languages for Data Analysts. And you combine their powers to crunch data really effectively. Learn how in this in-depth guide – @craigdoesdatashows you how to create and manipulate SQL databases with Python. Read More
  2. Basic programming doesn’t require a lot of math, but certain areas call for a solid math foundation. And algebra is a great place to start. Here’s a free course that will help you review (or learn) Algebra to improve your programming skills. Read More
  3. As a Python beginner, you might not know exactly how to start building that first project. Don’t worry – we can help you get going. Here’s a 1-hour video tutorial from @TechWithTimmthat is perfect for someone building their first Python project. Know More
  • AWS (awscloud)
  1. 🎮How to build a real-time gaming leaderboard with Amazon #DynamoDB & @RocksetCloud. Know More
  2. How to use AWS Storage Gateway to store financial reports generated by applications in your on-premises environment in Amazon S3 & how to securely make these reports available to external entities using AWS Transfer Family. Know More
  3. How to launch a Windows Virtual Machine in Amazon Lightsail. After the instance is up & running, connect to it via RDP within the Lightsail console using the browser-based RDP client. Know More
  • Udacity
  1. Last few days left to apply for our Pledge to Equality Scholarship program! The scholarship is designed to increase educational & professional opportunities for underrepresented groups – starting with the Black community. Apply now
  2. Want to know what it takes to be an #RPADeveloper? Join us for a breakout session with Kieran Gilmurray Mercer . Register for a chance to win one of 50 #RPA Developer Nanodegree programs. Ask Questions | Register here
  3. Enroll now for our latest DevOps Engineer for Microsoft Azure Nanodegree program and work on hands-on projects like:
    1. Deploy a Web Application
    2. Build a Continuous Delivery Pipeline
    3. Run Automated Tests Enroll now
  • CertifyMe
  1. UX update: Here at CertifyMe, we are working to enrich customer experience and for that, we have optimised our search results based on these three different levels of course.
    Beginners ➡ Newbie
    Intermediate ➡ Skilled
    Advanced ➡ Expert
  2. How to search efficiently on CertifyMe:
    Topic<space>course level<space>platform
    Examples: Python skilled udacity | Artificial Intelligence Newbie edx
  3. Certifyme is giving discount links for courses on edX and Udacity. To claim your course fill the feedback form on the website under the Feedback section and register yourself for the discount links.

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